Jamelah struggles to get her right to work

Gaza-CMC-Magda Ayad

Jamelah is other girls, after she graduated she started. She had a bright future in her imagination by joining a job worthy of her university specialization, but she ran into the bitter unemployment that invades the Gaza graduates market

But what distinguishes her is that she is not like other graduates, her hopes were shattered on the threshold of her first stumble, after graduating she began defending her right by knocking the doors of decision makers and claiming the right and the right of other graduates.

Although she is young, she has started proving her right to work as she and a group of graduates (the Committee for the Defense of graduates in the Gaza Strip), adding “We have done many peaceful activities and events to demand our right to jobs and work like other young people in all countries of the world”.

And Jamelah relay with a voice full of confusion and anger: “Despite our peaceful actions  in the sit-ins and events, this did not impress some of the security and police personnel, and started to suppress us and prevent us from meeting with officials and talk to them about the demands of the Committee, which is the simplest to be obtained as a graduate who spent a period of years in drawing His future through his undergraduate studies.

The lack of response from officials and decision makers to Jamilah and her colleagues from the committee prompted them to form a gathering of graduates at the level of the Gaza Strip and resolved to meet the Egyptian delegation that visited the Gaza Strip recently, to discuss the file of reconciliation with Hamas.

The determination of Jamelah and her colleagues to meet the Egyptian delegation was not welcomed by the security officers present in the place, and they tried to prevent them from entering the hotel room where the official delegations are located, and after a few conversations and discussions and insistence by the graduates a bullet went into the air by One of the people to break up the sit-in, although she confirms that “we have entered and briefed the Egyptian delegation on the most important and essential demands of the graduates”.

She notes that something was not taken into account, adding Jamelah looking at the roof of the place “after we got out we found our buses were detained and there were some altercation between us and the security personnel in the place, and I and my fellow graduates were beaten and insulted, and the confiscation of private mobile devices Us by the women’s police who were summoned to disperse their organized sit-in in clear violation of the human right to express his opinion and his right to demand a job that would provide him with a dignified life.

In a loud and furious voice, Jamelah wonders, “How long is the policy of silencing mouths, the silence of tongues by decision-makers to prevent graduates from claiming their rights, and the access to jobs that provide them with the slightest means of life like other young people?!”

This story was released within the project “young women advocate their rights as human rights” @ 2018



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